Friday, 20 July 2012

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Events that I am participating in this summer:

Ø  Barclays Bank PLC Law Fair
Ø  LSE 2012 Year 12 Politics conference
Ø  BPP Future Lawyers Day
Ø  Warwick Pathways to law conference
Ø  Eversheds Unlocked Academy
Ø  Olympic and Paralympic volunteering
Ø  Teenage Cancer trust Volunteering

2012 Olympics (Greenwich 2012 Volunteers)


As majority of you are aware the 2012 Olympics are taking place in London. This is a great opportunity for me to get involved in my city and give back to my community. Although volunteering has been something I am heavily involved in; I feel as though volunteering for the Olympics is different I am giving something back to the city that I’ve been raised in,  not many people can say that they have done that. Luckily for me the Royal Greenwich Borough is participating heavily in the Olympics and Paralympics with the equestrian, archery, pentathlon taking place so locally. I researched on the opportunities available for volunteering a signed up to a group called Greenwich Volunteers who are heavily involved, I got through the application stages and I am currently undergoing training. I look forward to being part of the Olympics and I will keep you posted :)

Prime Event at Allen and Overy

Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time my laptop is broken which makes it hard to blogL. On the 30th May I was kindly asked by Eversheds to attend an event at Allen and Overy known as the Prime Event. Prime is a group of 22 leading law firms who aim to give fair access to quality work experience to young people interested in law. As part of the event I had to explain to other firms what I enjoyed about the Eversheds Unlocked programme which I attended in Easter (2012). It was a great opportunity to develop on my communication, persuasive and networking skills. I was asked what I would change about the programme, I also advised firms that are just joining the Prime network what a great programme would consist of. It was nice evening the Allen and Overy building is quite beautiful, there was nice people to talk to and a lot of networking was doneJ. Special thanks to Eversheds for personally selecting me to come back and represent them at Allen and Overy.