Saturday, 30 June 2012

Prime Event at Allen and Overy

Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time my laptop is broken which makes it hard to blogL. On the 30th May I was kindly asked by Eversheds to attend an event at Allen and Overy known as the Prime Event. Prime is a group of 22 leading law firms who aim to give fair access to quality work experience to young people interested in law. As part of the event I had to explain to other firms what I enjoyed about the Eversheds Unlocked programme which I attended in Easter (2012). It was a great opportunity to develop on my communication, persuasive and networking skills. I was asked what I would change about the programme, I also advised firms that are just joining the Prime network what a great programme would consist of. It was nice evening the Allen and Overy building is quite beautiful, there was nice people to talk to and a lot of networking was doneJ. Special thanks to Eversheds for personally selecting me to come back and represent them at Allen and Overy.

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