Sunday, 25 March 2012


I begin my work placement at Eversheds. I am extremely excited and Thankful that i've been given the opportunity to work at an innovative commercial firm such as Eversheds :) I will blog more about the firm   when I start my placement.

So I decided that I am definitely going to do the LLB, Depending on the University I get into I intend to do my third year at the University of Hong Kong. This will give me the opportunity to travel as well as prove to international firms my ability to adapt in any given environment. Also LSE are offering an interesting course LLB + JD which entails a LLB degree (QLD*) compacted into two years and a JD (QLD) also compacted in two years. For those that don't know the JD is the American version of a Law degree. So LSE are offering two degrees in four years, two years spent london and two years spent in NY meaning i'd be able to practice in both countries. However this all depends on my grades and the availability.

*QLD= Qualifying Law Degree
*JD= Jurisprudence Degree
*LLB = Bachelor of Laws

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A couple of friends from my college accompanied me to a lecture at LSE regarding the state of the economy and predictions on what it would be like in the future. It was a very educative evening. If I learnt anything it was that we are living in a contained depression. :/

My Trip to the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, for those that don't know it is one of the four inns of court. The Inns of Court hold the exclusive rights to call candidates to practise law at the Bar of England and wales. Upon my visit I had a Canape styled lunch with notable Barristers at the temple. We discussed politics, social barriers and of course the law. I was able to use this opportunity to network with big names in the Law society as well as the business field. The most important message that was delivered to me was: Social Status doesn't matter as long as you have Aspiration, Academics and Ability there is no way you can fail. It is safe to say that a fair amount of Barristers within the Inner temple are of ethnic minorities and various social class. The law is radicalising and we are in an age where ethnic diversity and opportunity is becoming the norm. I am happy to say I am perusing a career in law.
( I must say the food was amazing, but we did have a lesson before hand on how to network and dine properly )

Hello, I forgot to mention that I am on the pathways to law course Cohort 6 :) at UCL.
Its such a great little community of young aspiring lawyers. (Any year 11 students should definitely apply its worth it)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A random fact you should know about me is that I love museums. I really Love museums I Am obsessed with museums I can honestly say I've been to at least 40 museums in my 17 years of existence

Although this is old I feel its relevant to my Blog...Results day :)
My GCSE results will always been one of my greatest Life achievements :)
 2   A* 
 11 A
 3   B

My Trip To Parliament :)

As part of AS politics we went on a trip to Parliament and The Supreme Court .. I met Jack Straw, House of Commons speaker and the MP of Bexley Borough. It was a good experience and I got to see the law in action :)

My Speech @ Accenture :)

I was invited by the CEO of Accenture (UK) to Give a speech on how major organisations such as Accenture should reach out more to schools. It was very nervous but according to everyone my election of the speech was excellent as I was given a standing ovation and they even laughed at my dead Jokes. The event was a great opportunity and I got to sit on the panel with some big names in the Business field.

(I know I look bored in the pictures but I wasn't I was in deep thought :P)

Welcome to My blog about my journey into my future profession of becoming a Lawyer

In the near future I aspire to be a Intellectual Property/ Commercial Lawyer :)
Im currently studying AS :) Which isn's as Easy as I thought :)

Im a newbie. But welcome to my Blog