Sunday, 25 March 2012

So I decided that I am definitely going to do the LLB, Depending on the University I get into I intend to do my third year at the University of Hong Kong. This will give me the opportunity to travel as well as prove to international firms my ability to adapt in any given environment. Also LSE are offering an interesting course LLB + JD which entails a LLB degree (QLD*) compacted into two years and a JD (QLD) also compacted in two years. For those that don't know the JD is the American version of a Law degree. So LSE are offering two degrees in four years, two years spent london and two years spent in NY meaning i'd be able to practice in both countries. However this all depends on my grades and the availability.

*QLD= Qualifying Law Degree
*JD= Jurisprudence Degree
*LLB = Bachelor of Laws

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