Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Trip to the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, for those that don't know it is one of the four inns of court. The Inns of Court hold the exclusive rights to call candidates to practise law at the Bar of England and wales. Upon my visit I had a Canape styled lunch with notable Barristers at the temple. We discussed politics, social barriers and of course the law. I was able to use this opportunity to network with big names in the Law society as well as the business field. The most important message that was delivered to me was: Social Status doesn't matter as long as you have Aspiration, Academics and Ability there is no way you can fail. It is safe to say that a fair amount of Barristers within the Inner temple are of ethnic minorities and various social class. The law is radicalising and we are in an age where ethnic diversity and opportunity is becoming the norm. I am happy to say I am perusing a career in law.
( I must say the food was amazing, but we did have a lesson before hand on how to network and dine properly )

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