Saturday, 7 April 2012

Day 3-Eversheds

April 5th 2012 - Sorry I'm posting three days late, I've been a busy body catching up with revision :) .
My last day of my internship at Eversheds the Bank Holidays made it so short :(. Today was a summary of what was emphasised previously, Fine dinning and Networking. I had a one-to-one with one of the trainee solicitors at Eversheds, this was useful as she gave me some key pointers regarding becoming a commercial lawyer. My trainee specialised in what I wanted to do and all the seats I want to do, like majority of the lawyers I met they acknowledge that the ball game is more competitive and more will be required of me academically. I developed a solid knowledge of how to achieve a career in corporate law. I also learnt about secondments* and if given the opportunity I'd like to do my 3rd seat in Hong Kong or Paris. We all developed an 18 Month action plan specific to helping me achieve my goals :).

POINT A --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------POINT B
^ GCSE         ^AS 4A 1B              ^Alevel A*AA      ^LLB      ^LPC     ^Trainee contract    ^Solicitor
The above is a timeline of what a need to achieve in my current stage in order to fulfil my long term goal of being a qualified solicitor.

The best part of the day was fine dinning, we were given a page which listed the do's and don'ts of dinning, we also had to learn what all the forks, knives and wine glasses were used for. The lunch was so nice, full course meal all courtesy of Eversheds and their cantering staff.

We had to give presentations about our time at Eversheds which definitely enhanced my Public speaking skills, it was in front of important people including the CEO of Eversheds london, it was particularly interesting to receive feed back from him. Also Byron Nurse one of the partners also has a strong love for surfing :) Overall the whole experience was very motivational and gave me that extra push to work harder and strive for what I want. Ambition, Application and Academics the three A's to success.

Special Thanks to Emily Shenton for organising everything, LSE, UCL, College of Law, Sutton Trust, Arrival Education and Eversheds.

*Secondement= A temporary placement  within an organisation just in a different location e.g. Working for Eversheds London but doing a secondment in Eversheds Hong Kong

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